Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Where's the Spirit?

Weeell it has been a while since I have written my last blog :O and I'd love to say I've been too busy and never had any time... But I have had time... just no inspiration nothing that I felt writing about, I mean christmas should have been something to write about right? Wrong unfortunatley...
I mean don't get me wrong I looove christmas it is my favourite holiday, I really tried to get into the mood of it this year... but it just didn't feel right I wanted this to be a celebration for my mum, for her winning the battle with cancer, and by hell did I celebrate for her! But I still couldn't feel the spirit, I tried and I tried, i put so many decorations up you couldn't see my walls, and my room was filled with colourful lighting,
I painted my nails with glitter and christmas colours, I had an advent calender, and as sad as it may sound, I even made my hamster an advent calender, I listened to christmas songs everyday... But I just wasn't feeling it, I was soo happy that I got to spend it with my mum... but still wasn't feeling the spirit... and I guess this is what christmas becomes when you grow up! even when christmas day hit... still nothing,
I mean I loved all of my presents and I couldn't be more thankful... but I guess it's just not the same once you reach a certain age, ah well, next year I'll try even harder...
I guess it doesn't help with this year being soo hectic so filled with bad news, and bad happenings, and problems after problems and things building up, and everything happening all at once, but as I have heard from so many people, this year has not been the best for anyone I've heard from, so hopefully next year will be a brighter and happier experience, 2012 is only 3 days and 15 minutes away! :O

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