Sunday, 4 September 2011

New beginnings?

It's all fine and dandy saying I'm going to make a fresh new start... but will you do what it takes to actually follow through with this idea?
Sometimes people start their 'fresh start' as they'd say... but they fall back to old habits as time goes by..
and will power is incredibly tough to keep up, so is the motivation and determination
and many people also make one tiny mistake and fall back a little bit... and just give up completely 
This attitude will get you nowhere and I will admit myself... that I have been one of those people
and I think half of the problem was... I expected results straight away... I never gave myself time and instead of giving myself a steady pace I just went drastic and did everything at once... and I cared too much what people thought
Well now I know this is definitely the wrong attitude... and that's why from now on I am taking things nice and steady...
At my own pace...
after all you're doing it for yourself not for anyone else... no one else matters
If You want to change for the better, then you do so... and don't let anyone's thoughts get in the way...
Because at the end of the day life is way to short to just give up... and be brought down by selfish and non understanding people, and you will make mistakes... but just remember you're only human... so give yourself a break...

keep the people that will help you by your side and the people who will only make you feel worse out of your life... you don't need that type of stress when all you're trying to do is be positive and live your life!

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